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"The Music of Magma" is a feature film that explores one of the most visionary and innovative music of the last 50 years, Magma. It takes the audience on a fascinating journey through several countries where the band has been filmed, fascinating interviews with fans and musicians from the band along with an in-depth interview at the home of the visionary leader of the band, Christian Vander.


Seeing Magma 'LIVE' is a jaw dropping experience! What I witnessed at Slim's in San Francisco last year was so


and inspirational... ​"


Robert Trujillo (Metallica)



Why isn’t anyone making a documentary on Magma still? - That seemed so strange to me. It is hard to find a band as original and mythic as Magma.




Morgan Ågren


Magma are one of my all-time Top Five Desert Island bands. Stooges, Hawkwind, Sonics, Sparks - and Magma. My parents are mainly Classical people. We agree on Orff's "Carmina Burana"; and lo and behold, we agree on Magma, after I played them "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh" as a teen.




Jello Biafra (Original singer with Dead Kennedy's)


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